.BANK European Banking Federation
An Easy Technical Solution

The .BANK domain, gated exclusively for banks, prevents lookalike domains making it easy for your employees, vendors and customers to immediately authenticate your emails and website simply by 'looking for the .BANK'.

How It Works
  1. We, fTLD Registry Services, verify anyone seeking to register a .BANK domain is a chartered, regulated and active bank.
  2. We authenticate the person requesting the domain as an employee of the bank and verify they have the permission and authority of the bank to register and manage the domain.
  3. We verify the domain being requested corresponds to the bank's legal name or branding (e.g., trademark, trade name, service mark).

Only after verification and authentication are complete will the bank be permitted by fTLD to complete the registration of their domain.

The EBF and fTLD have partnered to educate the European banking sector about the .BANK domain a vital, yet easy and affordable layer of security against the banking industry’s most persistent and damaging threats. Shareable educational resources are listed below, and the fTLD team is available to EBF Associations and their member banks at EBF@fTLD.com.

European .BANK Locations