Steps to Verifying, Registering and Using Your .BANK Domain Name(s)
  1. Verifying Organization and Domain Name Eligibility
    • Review fTLD’s eligibility criteria.
    • Use the adjacent “Select My .BANK Domain” tool to confirm the availability of your preferred domain name(s).
    • Complete the adjacent Verification Application, including all desired .BANK domain name(s), to be verified by fTLD.
    • fTLD will communicate with you during the verification process; your prompt attention to any requests will ensure timely verification.
  2. Registering your .BANK Domain Name(s)
    • Upon completing and approving your verification, fTLD will email you a unique Registration Token.
    • Proceed to your fTLD-Approved Registrar (or select an Approved Registrar from the list) and provide your unique Registration Token to register your .BANK domain name(s).
  3. Using Your .BANK Domain Name(s)
    • Outsource Migration: RAMP (Registrar Assisted Migration Package) Programs are
      all-inclusive packages offered through fTLD-Approved Registrars to set up our
      Security Requirements for you, enabling you to begin benefiting from your new,
      more secure .BANK domain more quickly, without tying up internal resources.
    • Handle Migration Yourself: Our Implementation Hub provides information, tools
      and resources for your internal team and/or vendors to setup our Security
    • Get Assistance with Specific Requirements: These Third-Party Providers enable
      you to handle some of the work internally, while outsourcing other requirements, or
      to keep current vendors and supplement their services with additional providers.

For assistance with verification:

For assistance with migration: or +1 202 339 7000

Verification Application
Please note the Verification Application is only for use when applying for a new domain name(s). If you’re seeking to update your registration information or transfer a domain name(s), please contact your fTLD-Approved Registrar of choice.