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June 25, 2019

New Bank Resources for .BANK Migrations

Today we are making available two of our most asked for resources to assist banks in their .BANK migrations.

Our .BANK Migration Timeline is a 6-week migration plan that represents best practices fTLD has learned from working with hundreds of banks that made the move to .BANK. The top of the timeline is a framework for domain and email: setup, testing, forwarding and finally redirecting for your .BANK Launch. The lower portion focuses on education and promotion of your new, more secure, .BANK domain. We’ve included a list of materials to create (using our Communication Guide and new Customer FAQ), and a timeline for the various announcements and communications to make via your current website, emails and, optionally, printed materials for your brick and mortar locations.

Our Customer FAQ is an invaluable resource for educating your customers about your new .BANK domain, and what changes for them, focusing on the security enhancements, the most important aspect of your move to .BANK. Information from this page will help to inform your announcements via emails, blogs, pop-ups, banners and press releases, ensuring the reason for your move is clear, and that you get the most value, customer-relationship wise, for your commitment to online security. Enhanced security is a marketing message your customers can understand and will appreciate!

Once you have taken your .BANK domain live we recommend publishing the full FAQ on your new domain, and linking to it from your homepage for 3-4 weeks to ensure maximum distribution.

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