Moving to .BANK Cybersecurity Checklist

Moving to .BANK Cybersecurity Checklist

1. Launch My .BANK

Get your .BANK Cybersecurity in place

Once your .BANK has the Security Requirements in place you can ‘paste’ your existing website to your .BANK and set-up a 301 redirect from there to your .BANK. This way any traffic to your old site (e.g., .COM) via bookmarks, favorites, links in old emails, search engines, etc. flow directly to your new .BANK domain. The 301 redirect also preserves your SEO ranking/reputation by carrying it forward to your .BANK domain.

2. Cores in .BANK

All cores can support you in .BANK and some also offer .BANK cybersecurity services. Visit our .BANK cores page.

3. Promote my .BANK

On your .BANK add a cookie-based pop-up (or header banner) that welcomes everyone to your new, more secure, .BANK, and explains you made the move to .BANK to provide them an even more secure banking experience.

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