Myths vs Reality
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  1. MYTH: It’s expensive

    Most .BANK'ers report implementing our Security Requirements for around $1,000.

  2. MYTH: It’s hard to implement

    We have new tools and partnerships that make migration easier than ever. On average, .BANK domains are setup over 2-3 weeks, however we've had banks complete the work in 4-5 hours.

  3. MYTH: It’s about marketing, not security

    .BANK, through verification and security requirements, provides security that cannot be replicated in gTLDs like “.com”. Our .BANK’ers have prioritized migration because they found it to be the most cost effective, efficient way to protect their bank, employees and customers from phishing and spoofing, the leading causes of breaches.

  4. MYTH: It’s not being used by banks yet

    There was a lull due to perceptions of high cost and complexity, but with our new tools, partnerships and outreach there is a resurgence of interest and migration, with about 450 .BANKs live and many more working with us to make the move now.

  5. MYTH: The big banks aren’t doing it

    Big banks are such big believers in the security afforded by verified TLDs, like .BANK, that many have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure their own TLDs (.AMEX, .BARCLAYS, .BBT, .BBVA, .BOFA, .BNPPARIBAS, .CHASE, .CITI, .HSBC, etc.). A .BANK domain affords you this same security for a couple thousand dollars.