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Myth vs. Reality

Reality: Most .BANK’ers report implementing our Security Requirements for under $1,000.

REALITY: We have new tools and partnerships that make migration easier than ever. On average, our Security Requirements take 2-3 hours of engineering time and banks complete the entire move over the course of 2 weeks. However we’ve had banks complete their moves in just a couple of days.

REALITY: .BANK, through verification and Security Requirements, provides security that cannot be replicated in gTLDs like “.com”. Our .BANK’ers have prioritized migration because they found it to be the most cost effective, efficient way to protect their bank, employees and customers from phishing and spoofing attacks that lead to breaches, BEC, malware, ransomware, identity theft and financial fraud.

REALITY: Initially there was a lull due to perceptions of high cost and complexity, but with our new tools, best practices, customer marketing and education templates, partnerships and outreach there has been a surge interest and migration. There are currently over 660 .BANKs live and many more are working with us to make the move now.

REALITY: Big banks believe in the security afforded by gated TLDs, like .BANK, but most have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure their own gated and branded TLDs (.AMEX, .BARCLAYS, .BBVA, .BOFA, .BNPPARIBAS, .CHASE, .CITI, .HSBC, etc.). When the big banks move to gated domains they’ll use their own.