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Podcasts & Interviews

Kim Kirk, EVP & COO Queensborough National Bank & Trust
Why .BANK is so important to our bank, how we educated our customers, and why banks should prioritize .BANK

Eric Cook, Founder & Chief Mentor, The Linked Banker
Using .BANK Cybersecurity as a powerful marketing message to grow sales and increase customer acquisition

Rebeca Romero Rainey, President & CEO, Independent Community Bankers Association
Why the ICBA took a leadership role in creating and governing the .BANK domain,
and the role .BANK plays in helping banks prevent fraud and cybercrime against banks and their customers

David Lacy, President & Greg Petersen, CIO, Community Bank & Trust
Why banks should band together now and take the “easy win” of .BANK

Randy Hultgren, President & CEO, Illinois Bankers Association
Why we moved our association to .BANK and are encouraging our members to do the same

Bob Steen, President, Bridge Community Bank
Why bank executives should care about .BANK and how to approach the decision to move

Chip O’Connell, VP Operations, Tioga-Franklin Savings Bank
COVID’s impact on banking operations, and its influence on our decision to move to .BANK

Press & Whitepapers

Webinars & Presentations

ICBA Chairman, Brad Bolton, speaks with us about cybersecurity for community banks. Recording | Slides

Conference of State Bank Supervisors: The Next Logical Step, Removing Banks from Public Domains  Slides

ABA: Growing Sales & New Customer Acquisition with .BANK  Recording (w/ slides)

ABA: Why .BANK Can’t Wait  Recording

ABA: The Cybersecurity and Digital Banking Benefits of .BANK Amidst Covid  Recording | Slides

IBA: .BANK vs. COVID-19 – The Cybersecurity & Digital Banking Benefits of .BANK  Recording | Slides

ICBA: The .BANK Decision  Recording | Slides

ABA: The .BANK Decision  Recording | Slides

Demystifying .BANK: Implementing Security Requirements & Educating Customers  Recording | Slides

Tips and Resources to Activate Your .BANK/.INSURANCE Domain Name  Recording | Slides

Banks Share Success Stories on Moving to .BANK  Recording | Slides