Why .BANK?

Why .BANK?

It's Necessary

These attacks continue to grow to new all-time highs quarter-after-quarter in public domains (e.g., .com, .net, .org) and banks are now the most attacked organizations. 

51% of community bank customers indicate they would leave their bank if it suffered a data breach.

It's a Timely Competitive Advantage

COVID moved bank customers online even faster than anticipated, and bad actors have seen this as an opportunity to profit, dramatically increasing the frequency and sophistication of their phishing and spoofing attacks (an estimated 400%-600%).

Geopolitical turmoil has placed American banks atop the target list for state-sponsored cyberattacks, making banks the most attacked organizations.

Banks enhancing their cybersecurity with .BANK will have a competitive advantage over banks who wait.

It's Your Space

With the explosion of fintech and crypto there are a lot of products and services that talk like and look like banks, but many are unregulated, are not covered by FDIC/National insurance programs, and are likely a bit less safe. It’s important that customers can identify real banks, as they can in .BANK.

It Serves Your Customers

For decades customers have struggled to avoid the phishing emails and spoofed websites that compromise their computers and credentials leading to identity theft and financial fraud. An easily identifiable .BANK domain enables customers to immediately recognize your bank versus cyberattacks simply by looking for the .BANK.

It's a Marketing Win

.BANK is a powerful marketing message for customer acquisition and retention letting customers know that their online security is a priority for your bank. You’re a community bank that lives and invests in their community, knows who they are, and what they’re saving for, you can also provide the security they’d expect from a much larger bank.

.BANK enables you to reclaim your email channel. We’ve seen that when customers learn to recognize your email via the “.BANK” they open and engage more enabling you to share information, manage relationships, up-sell, and cross-sell via their preferred channel, email.

.BANK’s email authentication requirement increases email deliverability. Correctly implemented email authentication (DMARC & SPF) increases email inbox deliverability.

It's Seamless, Easy & Affordable

We can share best practices for a migration that is completely seamless for your customers and that can be comfortably completed in a couple of weeks for under $1,000.